The Guignolée of the Société de Saint-Vincent de Paul

Every November, SSVP volunteers get to work on one of our most important solidarity events of the year. The Guignolée was Québec’s first door-to-door charity fundraiser, initiated in 1861 by the SSVP throughout the province’s small town communities to gather food for the needy. The collection was – and still is – carried out in a festive manner, with carollers tagging along for the cause. Many decades later, this annual tradition continues, thanks to the unrelenting actions of our vast solidarity network.
7 000
food baskets are distributed annually to families by our volunteers, thanks to your generosity.


17 500
people benefit from our food baskets 
each year.

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The SSVP is proud to partner with the Grande guignolée des médias.

The Grande guignolée des médias fundraiser gets underway throughout the province of Québec in December. The SSVP is proud to partner with media from all across Québec for this solidarity event, in which people are invited to offer non-perishables and/or money donations to Guignolée representatives and partners. The crowning moment of this month-long charity: a day-long collection at street corners with the help of thousands of volunteers. Thanks to Quebecers’ generosity, the Grande guignolée des médias has amassed nearly 25 million dollars and collected thousands of kilos of food since its inception in 2001.


What can you donate?

​Welcomed goods:
Breakfast cereals, plastic or box-wrapped pastas
Canned goods: meat or fish products, beans and other legumes, baby food and formulas, lunch and dinner meals, etc.
Personal hygiene: soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, deodorants, paper towels, tampons, disposable diapers, facial tissue, bathroom tissue, etc.
Over-the-counter medicinal products: cough syrup, pain relievers, vitamins, antihistamines, etc.
Cleaning/housekeeping products. 
Declined goods:
Perishable foods: fruits and vegetables, dairy products, meat products, frozen foods, etc.
Breakable containers: glass jars, bottles, etc.