Our Opération Bonne Mine program helps children to feel confident about their future.

Created in 1994, the goal of this SSVP initiative is to alleviate the financial burden of the back-to-school season on families and help kids envision their educational experience in a more positive manner. The Opération Bonne Mine program tries to debunk the statistical notion that children living in a low-income environment are more likely to drop out of school than others. Today, we are involved on multiple fronts and offer a number of approaches, designed to foster self-confidence in our young participants so they can be more optimistic about their future. Since its inception, the Opération Bonne Mine program has brought success and a positive outlook to more than 45,000 kids in the Greater Montreal area.

More than

48 000
kids encouraged since 1994

​Three ways we help out:

Back-to-school assistance
Back-to-school assistance
Stay-In-School Initiatives
Stay-In-School Initiatives

A holistic approach that yields positive results.

Apart from taking care of basic students’ requirements, Opération Bonne Mine focuses on key, school-success elements such as self-confidence, sense of belonging and desire to exceed expectations. To achieve these goals, the program looks at all aspects that can have an impact on academic success: extracurricular and school activities, meals, necessary school supplies, transportation and after-school programs.  

By providing each child with an equal opportunity to develop his/her learning potential to the fullest, we feel that we can keep a majority of kids in school and effectively break the cycle of poverty.

Opération Bonne Mine’s threefold approach

From July to September, families and children prepare for the autumn. The challenge is great, we help young people to have a good experience at the beginning of the school year by facilitating them access to adapted material, clothing in good condition and supporting families in the payment of bills for school.

To be eligible for this program, please contact your local SSVP Help Centre: CLICK TO FIND THE NEAREST CENTRE.
Community and artistic socio-cultural projects are set up with children in partnership with schools, local organizations, museums, etc. They enable young people to participate actively in a collective achievement, to encourage motivation, self-esteem and to value each other's potential. For information on workshops in community art therapy or to propose a school retention project to be developed, contact the school retention program coordinator at programme@ssvp-mtl.org or by phone at (514) 526-5937 ext. 121.
Teachers or other nominated persons are invited to read the procedures and complete one application form per student at the following address: SSVP-MTL.ORG/CE-QUE-NOUS-FAISONS/FORMULAIRE
​Scholarships are awarded to students who demonstrate a progression or a retention in their academic learning, social integration, involvement and autonomy. These are handed over to merit rather than academic performance. We encourage the use of scholarships in a school or extracurricular project (eg, computer equipment, sports equipment, artistic equipment, musical instruments, specialized courses, etc.). Prizes of $ 250 for elementary students and $ 500 for high school students are presented at a gala at the end of the year. This acknowledgment to their parents and teachers encourages them to continue to make the necessary efforts to pursue their studies.